Looking back at my last exhibition in Switzerland

My latest artwork exhibition called Unities/dualities, taking place at the Iris Gallery in Pully near Lausanne, closed very recently. It was also my last one in Switzerland, at least for a while, and I will tell you why in a moment (yep: big announcement ahead).

But let me start with the exhibition itself. Its name is drawn from a recurrent theme within my artworks. It was a new step in my artistic career because it showcased exclusively handmade drawings and paintings. This was the first time I did not exhibit iPad and iPhone illustrations like in my previous exhibitions. All 36 pieces shown were new handmade artworks created during the past year. The smaller illustrations were taken out of my sketchbooks that I carry with me all the time. I had already posted some of those, often in a preliminary version, on my facebook or instagram feed. But the bigger pieces were exclusive to this exhibition.

I was very excited to show these new creations during the Unities/dualities exhibition and to receive feedback. It was overwhelmingly positive, and I have been lucky enough to sell quite a few paintings and drawings, which is really great. And to be honest, it is also a bit weird because have to let go of some of your favorite pieces... Then again, I know they are all in good hands will be hung in cool places, so I feel more honored than sad. A big thank you to all the visitors, and to those who decided to purchase my illustrations or paintings: a good choice if you ask me ;-)

Of course I also need to thank the wonderful Iris Gallery, where I was welcomed with open arm as one of the first artists to exhibit there. Iris is a brand new gallery that opened in a lovely location in the old city of Pully a few months ago. My exhibition is over, but there is a new one ongoing that consists of artworks done by past and current students of the Iris art school. It is running until the end of August and if you're nearby you should visit.

As I said, the Unities/dualities exhibition was not only my latest exhibition, it was also my last one in Switzerland. Why? Because 2016 is a big year: I will move to the US with my family in a few weeks. We will spend some time in Ithaca NY for my wife will continue her research at Cornell University, and I will continue to do what I do best: creating new gregoart material. I am also looking forward to getting to know the local art scene, which seems to be small but very lively. In the best case scenario I will even be able to present some of my artistic drawings and paintings over there, and of course I will continue to present my artwork on social media (FB, instagram and pinterest) for all of you who are not close by.

Speaking of showing my artwork online: to keep a memory, I took another new step with Unities/dualities by taking a 360 picture of it, which allows you to visit the exhibition virtually.