Gregoart doing Graffiti : don’t believe everything you see

Like I mentioned it in my previous post, I have been drawing using an iPhone or iPad for a couple of years now. Lately, I have been doing more analog drawing, using a good old piece of paper or canvas and brushes, pens and china ink. From time to time, I still like to use my iPhone to try new things. With the Adobe ideas application, you can import an existing picture to use as a background. This gave me the idea to do a graffiti on the wall of a New York City building, without even needing to do it for real and taking the risk of getting caught by the NYC police. Actually, I used one of my own picture of a Lower East Side building I shot last December. I could have used a picture found on Google but at least I can say I sampled my own pictures and didn't steal the picture taken by someone else. I then drew on the facade of the building and the result is quite realistic as you can see.  

I could have posted it like a real graffiti without mentioning I did it on a iPhone in the comfort of my home, as the resulting picture is quite similar to a picture of an actual graffiti. If you happen to see the real building you will see there is only the tiny blue character graffiti on the facade. Actually, you can also use Google Street to verify if the graffiti is for real or not, as this digital tool is a way to find out of a digital illustration tool has been used to create a fake street art piece. Anyway, it should remind you not to believe everything you see on the web. 

Looking back at this picture, I realize that what is the most astonishing when it comes to graffiti lays more in the process of creating the initial artwork in a blackbook and spraying a large scale piece of wall to realize it. Then, last but not least, you can admire the incredible results on site. And for those who couldn't make it, there is the chance to watch a picture of the real street art, hoping this is a real piece of street art and not a fake one like mine. By the way, salute to all the graffiti artists doing it for real in New York City and all over the world.