Gemini mood

One of the recurrent themes in my artwork is duality. I like to draw characters who can be considered as « two face » (more like the Batman vilain than the two face joke in Seinfeld if you know what I mean), with an obscure part of the face hidden deep in the shadows. I didn’t realize this before working on the archives of my artworks. Below are some examples of these two face characters you can find right here on my website gallery. There are some more I posted on Instagram and there are much more to come.

I am not really into astrology but nonetheless I must inform you that I am a Gemini. Maybe this is a reason why I keep on driving characters with a double personnality like mine. I hope that you can dig it even if you are not a gemini. Speaking of gemini, the title of this post is inspired by the Weldon Irvine track "Gemini Mood" off his masterpiece "In Harmony" (Strata East 1974).