The owl man or No more Mr chouette guy

My good friend Hervé, who organized a first exhibition of my iPhone and iPad drawings back in 2011, was in charge of a collective exhibition in 2014. He asked me to be part of it and said the only requirement was to draw something related to the theme "chouette".

Important for my non French speaking readers: "chouette" has two meanings. In French, it stands for a certain kind of owl, and it is also a synonym of "nice". As I am not a specialist of animal illustrations I immediately liked the challenge.

I decided to draw a half man half owl character, therefore the "No more Mr chouette guy" title of the artwork (and this blogpost). It is a reference to the "No more Mr nice guy" debut album of one of my favorite hip hop groups Gang Starr.

Contrary to most of my drawings, I did study pictures of owls and based the drawing on an actual photography in order to increase the realism of the animal. In the end,  "No more Mr chouette guy" ended up next to a multitude of great owl artworks by other visual artists. This collective exhibition really was a nice... I mean, a "Chouette expo".